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Michael Eric Dyson knew the late great Aretha Franklin for many years. On Friday, he was one of many performers, religious leaders, and friends to speak during the memorial for Franklin, who passed away on August 16. Giving an impassioned speech that touched on the greatness of Franklin, and what she meant to people in the many different communities of the United States and people around the world, Dyson set aside about a minute to excoriate Donald Trump, contrasting him with someone like Aretha Franklin—someone who actually offered the world a gift.

And then, this orange apparition had the nerve to say she worked for him. You lugubrious leach! You doppelgänger of deceit and deviance! You lethal liar! You dimwitted dictator! You foolish fascist! She ain’t work for you. She worked above you! She worked beyond you! Get your preposition right! Then he got the nerve to say he goin’ grab it.

That ain’t what Aretha Franklin said. “I’m gonna give you something you can feel.” Like the brothers in the streets say, “Tap lightly. Like a woodpecker with a headache.” So don’t you sully the memory of our great Queen. Aretha Franklin was an original. Never one like her before. Never another like her afterwards.


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  1. It’s good to see the honesty of the incandescent rage felt by so many at the behaviour of the “doppelgänger of deceit and deviance”. It’s time more and more spoke it “like it is”, with or without the same level of eloquence.


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