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John McCain had more class and patriotism in his worse days, than Donald Trump will ever have, no matter how many millions he makes, no matter how many thousands of people he attacks, from behind his computer screen.

John McCain in one final act of class and patriotism, has found a way to put Trump in his place. As not the leader of the Party that McCain once aspired to speak for and lead.

You see John McCain has asked that Donald Trump, have nothing to do with his funeral ceremonies:


John McCain told friends months ago that he didn’t want Donald Trump at his funeral. Instead he wanted former President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush to attend his funeral and deliver the eulogy. McCain famously lost to Bush in the 2000 Republican primary race for President, and then lost to Obama in the 2008 general election for President. Yet McCain chose these two men — one Republican and one Democrat — to eulogize him.

McCain thus ensured that his funeral would be bipartisan and inclusive, making it all the more glaring that current “President” of the United States wasn’t invited.   […], Aug 25, 2018

You see John McCain knew Trump was not ‘a decent man’ first-hand — having endured Trump cowardice, in the form of juvenile attacks on his long-suffering years of captivity.

John McCain also knew the threat the Putin-catering Trump, poses to the nation, that McCain gave so much of his life to protect …

After Trump treasonously stood next to Russian President Vladimir Putin and sided with him over the United States Government, an ailing McCain released a statement which called it and one of the “most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory” […]

It must be that John McCain ‘prefers his commander-in-chiefs who aren’t jack-asses, who aren’t an on-going threat’ to the nation, that the War-hero McCain gave up so much of his Life to serve, and protect, and to love.

It is highly doubtful that anyone will eulogize Trump with the same honor and respect as McCain, when that time comes. Not even close.  You see, to get the widespread respect of the Public, you actually have to live a life of Public Service. Not a life of self-promotion and pettiness, as the current wantabee-hero in the White House has always, always done.

To get respect Donald, you actual have to give it.  But of course that sentiment is simply wasted, on a reality-fabricating, twitter-bully, that is the current Insulter-in-Chief.

— — —

Thank you John McCain.  For showing us all the breath and depth of a Life well-lived.

Journey-well Sir, journey-well.

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  1. “To get respect Donald, you actual have to give it.”
    To get respect Donnie John, you have to EARN it.
    And, since you have never given or earned it, don’t be expecting any respect to be shown you in your lifetime.

  2. You can’t demand respect. You have to command respect by behaving in an honorable & decent manner. New York elites never accepted trump’s con artist dumb ass & Washington elites don’t like him either. It’s quite telling that when our nation comes together to mourn the passing of a great American the impostor president is not welcome. Not welcome at services for a sitting Senator in his own party. He’s not fit to say the words John McCain.


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