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I know this is a very difficult time for you.

No, not the Manafort conviction or the Flippy McFlipface plea or the SafeFullOfFuckGate. That’s yesterday. Remember yesterday? Never mind.

No, Mr. President, tonight I feel for you because all of America is thinking about one man, an ideal to some, a complex but admirable man to others, but, to all, a true American patriot.

Who is not you. Who is nothing like you. A man who hated you. Whose family hates you. Whose fellow citizens hate you.

You see, Mister President, many of us were not unannnealed advocates of Sen. McCain. Some of us spent years not only opposing his policies of the moment, but scrubbing every part of his past, peeling him like an onion to find the slightest thing about him we could condemn.

What we found was a man. A man so steadfast and honorable that he would not take advantage of his birth and leave his comrades in bondage. A man so callous that, to win an election, would claim Sarah Palin worthy, should worse come to worst, of the office you now hold. A man who would walk out of a hospital bed to vote on the Senate floor to allow others hospital beds.

John McCain was a man we were proud to fight and proud to support and proud to fight again. John McCain was a man.

You, sir, are a boy.

And that is why no one cares what you have to say tonight.

My apologies to the McCain family for interjecting other issues into what should be a more somber occasion. May something like peace find all who hold him dear.

The name is John Sidney McCain III. Respect will be paid.

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