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During the White House press briefing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Wednesday, all of the questions being asked were about Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort and Donald Trump’s insistence on contradicting himself at a pace only matched by the Tasmanian Devil on methamphetamines. When CNN’s Kaitlin Collins tried to get an answer out of Huckabee Sanders, Huckabee Sanders does what she does—she deflected to Trump’s personal attorney.


Kaitlin Collins wasn’t having that and responded:

Collins: Rudolph Giuliani is not a taxpayer funded spokesperson for the president. You are. So —

Huckabee Sanders: I’m aware of that.—

Collins: So, how do you explain something the president said today on the grounds of the White House that seems to contradict an audio that has been confirmed that it is the president saying that.

Trying to spin a house filled of lies is like trying to churn butter with a toothpick.

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