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After today’s convictions of Manafort and Cohen, Bret Stephens, a conservative columnist for the New York Times, is calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment. Stephens says, via Twitter, that Trump is guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

If Trump’s lost a self-described conservative who’s “skeptical” of impeachment, like Stephens, you know the convictions of Manafort and Cohen are the real deal.

Republican silence after these verdicts is proof enough of their complicity. It’s likely that many conservatives, like Stephens, are going to switch here at the end and declare themselves defenders of our democracy now. Ha! Some Republicans will try to revise their history defending this White House, because of the mid-term elections.

Never forget Republicans were and are complicit in enabling Donald Trump.

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  1. Being a ‘smart’ conservative is realizing where things are heeded and preparing to take action to help correct the course of the country. And doing all that above concerns about his own political status. That is being a responsible American!

  2. tRump’s adultery,confidence games, money laundering, and consorting with known criminals are actually pretty low crimes and misdemeanors. What elevates them to the “high” status would be the fact that he couldn’t refrain from poking the sleeping bear or grabbing the tiger’s tail when he won the electoral vote. It will, indeed, be a heavy lift for the GOP to continue shrugging off the escalating incriminations, but if anyone is up to that task, it is the Party of tRump.


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