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Scott Butner / Flickr

If there’s on thing you can count on with Donald Trump—besides the fact that in any situation he will be an utter jackass—is that if someone speaks out against him, he’ll threaten to sue. Women accuse him of sexual assault? Check. Critical media coverage? Check. Check. Check.​​​​​Check. Check. Political opponents? Check. Golf organizations? Check. The list goes on and on, and yet somehow he never gets around to suing any of them. And on Monday, he finally admitted why:

As he’s always known, discovery in a lawsuit is a two-way street. So come on, Don, we triple-dog dare you. Sue all those people you’ve threatened over the years. Because we all want to see your records, texts, emails, and documents. Just do it.

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  1. All of what comes out of Don the Con’s mouth is crap and insult. He needs to pay for his crimes over the years. Indictment is the best for him. Impeachment is to good for him. He needs to have his wealth taken away from him.


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