Joe Scarborough: Everyone knows Trump is psychologically unwell and getting worse

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First of all, Joe Scarborough deserves heaps of scorn for normalizing Donald Trump back in 2015 and 2016 by inviting him on his morning show over and over again. Let’s just get that part out of the way.

He wasn’t alone, of course. The media approached the collapsing reality show star as if he were a contestant on a reality show. People found his antics entertaining, and those antics got anyone who booked him big ratings — because like it or not, there’s something compelling about a human being who repeatedly gives his own id a reach-around hand jibber on national television. Unfortunately, we weren’t choosing who gets to give Bret Michaels a venereal disease this week or what wide-eyed singer gets spit out the bottom of the recording industry in six months — we were choosing a president. And the media treated that process with all the gravitas of a county fair pork rind-eating contest.

In a sane world, Trump would have been polling around .04 percent, slightly above Vermin Love Supreme and Scott Walker, and the very responsible media, knowing he was nothing but a lurid sideshow, would have starved him of attention.

Scarborough was among the myopic idiots who took him seriously, and for that he really shouldn’t be allowed to have a show anymore … or go grocery shopping without a chaperone … or cross the street without a crossing guard.

But he does have a show, and he’s using it to at least try to make up for his past sins.

On Twitter this morning, responding to former Reagan and Bush I and II staffer Peter Wehner, Scarborough (a former Republican congressman) said this:

Okay, so these two conservatives see it. All of us see it. To not see it you’d have to either be stupid or a shameless opportunist — and hey, that’s your modern-day Republican Party right there.

Mike Pence has crawled so far up Trump’s ass he’s found Anthony Scaramucci’s Ray-Bans, and he’s clearly waiting for Trump to be declared officially brain dead so he can take over — but seriously, where is everyone else?

The GOP keeps pushing its chips to the middle of the table when it’s holding nothing but jokers and dog-eared Deal-a-Meal cards.

The party is essentially a walking, talking sunk-cost fallacy at this point.

Pull the plug, you idiots. Nothing good can come of this.

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