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Fox News has a business channel which is like reading the Wall Street Journal written and performed by people who have learned economic theory from watching Rambo. Trish Regan is apparently one of these Fox Business hosts and she took time away from reading her copy of Art of the Deal to do a segment on how socialism turns places like Venezuela and Denmark into hellscape welfare states, with never-ending riots for “bread,” and inflation that turns anything you buy into coal instantly. Venezuela is a country that’s easy to place into this box for Fox viewers.


The issues in Venezuela of course, are not really about socialism as they are about a boom and bust oil economy—ironic right? Anythewhos, the problems in Venezuela are considerably more complicated than simply the boom and bust of a single-resource economy but the idea that “socialism” is the problem in Venezuela right now is laughable. More laughable? Denmark. So, Fox Business tool Trish Regan made the classic rhetorical trick used by truly dumb people everywhere, she made a quip with the word Denmark, connected to something else you might recognize … Shakespeare.

As Shakespeare said, There’s something rotten in Denmark.

[I think I just threw up in my mouth]

In a segment hashtagged #TrishIntel,* Regan takes Denmark to task for providing free education and using taxes to provide its citizens with affordable programs. From here Regan blabbers about the high taxes in Denmark and how “everyone is working for the Government.” Also, there’s a “180 percent tax” on cars that you buy! Sounds fucking terrible. Most importantly, according to Regan, because no one has to work, nobody wants to work. Fucking lazy Danes!!!!

What do the Danes have to say for themselves? Here’s Denmark’s Finance Minister Kristian Jensen responding to Fox Business’s lack of education.

Uh oh, Trish. Them’s the facts.


The Danish Ambassador to the U.S. decided to also hand out a packet of sit-the-fuck-down-and-learn-something as well.

Bloomberg reports that Jensen spoke to European news outlets to try and make heads and tails of how goddamn stupid Fox Business and Trish Regan are.

Jensen told the Ritzau news agency that Regan’s comments were “simply an expression of how politicized” and “completely decoupled from facts” some “American news media have become.” The minister also warned that abandoning facts in journalism ultimately hurts democracy, according to the report published by Denmark’s state broadcaster DR.

If you want to watch about three minutes of stupid, go below the fold.

* Still nauseated.

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  1. Quick important note there, that seems to be skipped over: We (Denmark) are not a socialist country. We have a fully capitalist market economy, with heavy social welfare benefits. ‘Socialist Democracies’ and ‘Socialism’ are not the same things. ‘Socialist Democracies” are also often referred to as “The Scandinavian Model”.

    Socialism means that the state owns the means of production, that is to say that the state owns the vast majority of all companies and business – this is most certainly not the case in Denmark. Again, we are a capitalist country. Capitalism does not mean that you cannot have high taxes, or cannot have strong welfare programs.

  2. Having social programs can be smart. Putting the money for a border wall instead into medical coverage and fixing our infrastructure would be smart.
    Politically motivated idiots mix (intentionally or not) communism with socialism. To say a country has social programs to help it’s citizens have good health, be safe, and well educated, are good things…not bad because they are for all Americans.
    Too have a country that relies on people working to produce products than can be sold for money, is a good thing too. It is not bad because it’s capitalism.

    You can have both, or you can be a government that plays around with taxpayer’s money and tries to convince them you know better what they need than they do! Welcome to Trump’s world!

  3. As an Aussie, im not amazed any more about what DT and his croneys (fox) get up too. Its apparant to the rest of the developed world now, how dangerous Trump is. This Idiot is the biggest threat to peace and the environment since Hitler. Whats even more scary is the fact, that Americans and the revelant government agencies are doing nothing to stop this train wreck. Shame America Shame on you

    • Hey, Mick. Instead of saying Shame on America, it’s more like Shame on all of the American trumpie supporters of CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump. After all, for every Asshole Kisser Of that White House WORTHLESS WORM & His Equally WORTHLESS White House WHORE, there are a THOUSAND other Americans who Fully Realize the Real Truth about That INMATURE, TWO TIMING, THAT TWO FACED, LYING PILE OF GUTTER TRASH, THAT SOUR FACED, SICK MINDED, SEWER SHIT, SON OF A BITCH, THAT F#CKING MADMAN.


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