Yes, Omarosa Is An Opportunist But A Security Expert Summarizes The Most Important Takeaways.

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Yeah, Omarosa is a talentless deceptive opportunist concerned only about herself who doesn’t deserve 1/1000ths of the attention she gets. But Juliette Kayyam, National Security Expert for CNN and former Obama Administration official has written a succinct summary of what Omarosa’s interview says as much about this administration as about her. Push aside the “revelations” by the wannabe diva and add the real story to the list of grievances against the Trump mob holding this nation hostage.

Why Omarosa’s Secret Recording is an Alarm Bell:

If it happened the way Manigault Newman says it did, then it would appear that, in this White House, the enemy is within. And while, as a former government official in homeland security, I am unforgiving of Omarosa’s deliberate action, no one should be surprised about it. After all, the reality show star — hired by Trump and given entrée to the upper reaches of US government — appears to have “qualified” for her job mainly because of her (until now) loyalty to him.
From the beginning, President Trump has flouted safety and security protocols. And in his neglect in enforcing security culture, he has set the tone for the White House. What would deter the “troops” from simply following his lead?

From the beginning this White House has been as leaky as a colander. Despite repeated assurances that they were taking measures to tighten security, it never changed. And that’s because Trump is still Presi . . . gag! . . . you know. If he can’t take security seriously, and he surrounds himself with mini-me Trumps, all the links are weak. *

And if Kelly had any reputation left it has been shredded and tossed in the incinerator that he not only took her into a secure room to fire her but had no concern whether she was following security procedures even though it was obvious that he thought little of her professionalism and integrity.

Omarosa was a joke as liaison and outreach coordinator to certain communities, that for the most part regard her as a fool (can you say “bye, Felicia”) and other terms we are not supposed to use about certain types of POC. (I have to check the membership lists in the archives but I’m not sure she ever had a Black Card.) But as usual with these grifters who think they are controlling what they reveal in their efforts to make a dishonest buck they actually reveal more than they intend. In my opinion she is exactly the type of person who if she can find a way to be where the action is happening she will be there, listening. And she has been hanging onto Trump’s coattails for 15 years. That is the only reason to give her any attention.

It’s a bit too bad Omarosa did not have a higher position in the campaign. I have not heard that she is likely high on Mueller’s list, though we know little about what he knows. But it would be interesting to have her as a person of interest for Mueller. There is no way she would risk make-up free, designer dress free, stylist free, camera free jail for Trump.

* And this explains why Mueller’s team has been as leaky as a submarine. Does anyone doubt that Mueller not only expects his team to follow strictly all security guidelines but is probably even tougher with himself on those guidelines?

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Omarosa is a talentless, publicity seeking, attention whore, but she’s not stupid. She played trump with flattery & he kept her around for his (look I’m not a racist) token. To this day nobody knows what our tax $$ paid her to do. I’m glad she’s smart enough to record conversations of John Kelly threatening her reputation if she talks. (What reputation)? I can’t imagine having to be in the vicinity of the impostor president on a routine basis since he enjoys in-fighting, treachery, & back stabbing among his minions. Oh, NOW we’re concerned about security? He had Russians in… Read more »