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Donald tRump just dealt a blow to Wisconsin Republicans on the eve of the primary election.

This is the 115th anniversary for Harley Davidson, a brand that began in a West Allis, Wisconsin garage. Despite the influx of foreign made motorcycles, they’ve done well until the Trump Tariffs hit.

They’re the brand of motorcycle that evil Governor Scott Walker rents during his campaigns to demonstrate that he’s “a man of the people”. Pretending he’s a Harley rider every 4 years seems foolish, but the sheeple eat it up every time. Frankly, his staff have to dress him for Harley riding and he looks ridiculous every time.

Well with Harley conceding defeat and moving manufacturing away due to tariff concerns, Scott Walker and his band of not-so-merry Republicans have a serious choice:  stand up for a Wisconsin corporation and Wisconsin jobs or break with Pre*ident tRump.

And with Wisconsin’s Primary Election tomorrow, tRump, naturally, just made things worse.


First he tosses out tariffs and then he calls for boycotting companies caught in his trade war.

Republicans running in tomorrows primary are literally crapping their pants with uncertainty. Tammy Baldwin, our US Senator (the one with intelligence), doesn’t mince words.

While most of the GOP, including Wi Gov Scott Walker, are running away from this one, hoping that saying nothing would be more useful to their campaigns, Republican US Senate Primary contender Kevin Nicholson has publicly broken with tRump.

GOP U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson on Monday broke with President Donald Trump and said he opposes a boycott of Harley-Davidson Inc., even as other Wisconsin Republicans remained on the sidelines a day before the state’s primaries.

“No, I don’t want to see Harley-Davidson boycotted because I want to see them succeeding and selling into new markets without tariffs and that’s going to be the goal,” Nicholson said Monday on WTMJ-AM (620).

WTMJ-AM is a RW radio station. (my addition)

Scott Walker isn’t getting off that easy in an election year even with press as silent, obedient, and gullible as they are here.

In a statement, Walker attempted to show support for both Trump and the motorcycle company, but he did not say whether he opposed a boycott. Walker aides refused to answer that question.

“I want Harley Davidson to prosper here in the state of Wisconsin,” Walker’s statement said. “And one of the best ways for that to happen is to do what the president has called for and that is to get to no tariffs.”

It’s going to be interesting to watch the primary results tomorrow. Stay tuned.

And Pre*ident Trump: Just keep on fouling things up. It’s going to be a Blue Tsunami in 2018.

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  1. It might be a tsunami, IF this generation would get there faces out of their phones long enough to realize our country was overthrown.

  2. What Donnie John is NOT telling people is that Harley ISN’T moving the whole company off shore. They will continue to manufacture bikes meant to be sold in America, in America. They are only moving the operations for bikes meant to be sold in Europe, because Donnie’s tariffs have made the bikes so much more expensive to the Europeans. If they are manufactured in Europe, NO tariffs, hence, no increase in cost to the European consumers. For this one, i cannot condemn Harley Davidson, only Donnie John. Dump the tariffs and ALL Harleys will be built here in America.

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