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Omarosa’s new memoir, UNHINGED, continues to make the internet rounds because a self-serving reality star liar talking about her time with a self-serving reality star liar is entertaining. It has the melodrama and ham-fisted writing of a soap opera, while also containing the breath-holding horror of a car crash. According to Business Insider, one section of Omarosa’s book talks about how Trump spoke with her concerning ideas for his inauguration.

In the days leading up to his inauguration, Trump allegedly said, “Omarosa, what do you think about me getting sworn in on ‘The Art of the Deal?'”


“‘The Art of the Deal’ is a bestseller! It’s the greatest business book of all time,” she says Trump told her. “It’s how I’m going to make great deals for the country. Just think how many copies I’d sell—maybe a commemorative inauguration copy?!”

Now, is Omarosa telling the truth? Probably. Was Trump making a joke and Omarosa is taking the liberty of re-contextualizing things said out loud by Trump? Very possibly. However, Trump’s entire m.o. consists of saying whatever comes into his head and pretending he’s joking, depending on how people around him respond to his absurd existence.

Omarosa says that it was this exchange with Trump that let her know that Trump would not be a “traditional president.” This, of course, is clearly a lie. But Omarosa’s insistence that Trump has zero interest in the Bible as a spiritual document is obviously true. Evangelicals have supported Trump because, for the most part, Trump-voting evangelicals are hypocritical racists who simply want a white world to walk into Armageddon under.

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