Unite the Right 2 gets their police escort plus some Resistance in DC

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The Unite the Right (2) protesters seem to be outnumbered by counter-protesters, and the cops are keeping them separated. A slingshot smoke bomb got onto the WH lawn. Arrests have been made related to the weapons prohibition.

It was still smart considering the numbers for the cops to give the RW protesters their own Metro car for the trip to the Foggy Bottom station.

Russia Today seems to have the only live stream available on YouTube, whereas this is the CBS live stream

LIVE VIDEO: Unite the Right 2 rally in DC draws counter-protesters to speak out against hate

Watch live coverage of the Unite the Right rally and counter protestors in Washington, DC marking one year from the deadly rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Newsweek has a feed linking the above and the Fox local news feed

The white nationalists’ protest is expected to last until 7:30 p.m. (ET) Sunday. Members have been arriving in the city later this afternoon, making their way to Lafayette Square park but the gathering is sparse — with the AP reporting that “a contingent of about 30 white nationalists” marched down a Washington street toward the White House “surrounded by a protective bubble of police officers and vehicles” while counter-protesters taunted and shouted at them.

The Washington, D.C. protest and counter-protest also comes one day after tensions flared in Charlottesville and on the University of Virginia campus on the one year anniversary of the deadly Charlottesville protest. The Associated Press Press is reporting that the number of counter-protesters is “expected to dwarf” white nationalists protesters.



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*3:45 p.m. ET

White nationalist protesters are inside Lafayette Square Park and Washington, D.C. police are blocking the entrance to the park, keeping counter-protesters at a distance, according to WUSA.

Emma Goldman (@willsommer Daily Beast)



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