Sen. Feinstein: GOP going to ‘unprecedented’ lengths to hide Kavanaugh’s records

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Expecting moral consistency out of Republicans is like trying to wring a human soul out of a Trump, but the hypocrisy over the GOP’s handling of Supreme Court nominees has really gone beyond the pale lately.

As they whine about obstruction, they conveniently forget about Merrick Garland.

As they spew fatuous encomiums about Brett Kavanaugh, they refuse to release his records.

And while they said Barack Obama didn’t deserve to fill a Supreme Court seat, they think it’s just fine to allow Pr*sident Trump to potentially appoint his own judge.

Well, Sen. Dianne Feinstein is now pointing out exactly how far the GOP’s hypocrisy goes:

Oh, Dianne, don’t be silly. Didn’t you know Democrats and women are held to much higher standards than Republican men? How else can you explain why one of the most qualified presidential candidates in the history of our country lost to a dyspeptic circus peanut?

Meanwhile, Sen. Kamala Harris is similarly aggrieved:

Oh, you make great points, senators. Too bad Republicans play by their own set of rules. Just as deficits are the ruin of our nation while Democrats are in the White House and no big deal during Republican administrations, Republican Supreme Court nominees are allowed to skate right through, while Democratic nominees might as well not even exist.

That’s just the way the world is now. Get used to it. Until November, anyway.


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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

When you so all out to cover up someone’s record, there is definitely something to hide. At least that’s what a normal person would assume. But the GOP is definitely not the smartest bunch of nuts. Just like the they brag how much they care for the people, but yet they bend over backwards trying to steal elections.