Republican Candidate For Today’s OH-12th Special Election Closes Out By Insulting 1/3 Of Voters

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The polls have opened in Ohio’s blood-red Twelfth District where surging Democrat Danny O’Connor is polling even with Republican Troy Balderson in this closely-watched Special Election. Last night the Trump-backed Balderson made his final case to his District’s voters–by insulting them.

During his final campaign stop on Monday night, Balderson told a crowd in Zanesville, Ohio, that they need to get out and vote tomorrow because “we don’t want someone from Franklin County representing us.”

Balderson’s opponent, Democrat Danny O’Connor, is from Franklin County — but so are about a third of the district’s voters.

And it’s not as if Franklin County were solidly blue, either (the District’s former GOP Representative, Pat Tiberi, was born there).  A Monmouth poll conducted last week showed O’Connor leading 54%-36% in Franklin, leaving a lot of votes that Balderson could conceivably pick up if he hadn’t suddenly felt the need to condemn the entire county’s voting residents as unworthy.

O’Connor was quick to highlight Balderson’s remarks, which are spreading through the Twitterverse as Ohio citizens begin to vote, their smart-phones in hand:

Harry Enten, formerly Senior political analyst at, puts Balderson’s remarks into context:

Ohioans in the 12th might want to ask themselves if they really want someone this stupid to represent their interests in Washington. Even Balderson’s supporters are gobsmacked at yesterday’s fumble:

Get out and vote, Ohio!

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