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Late last week, the Washington, D.C. transit authority floated the idea of providing reserved train cars for white supremacists on their way to what’s intended to be Charlottesville 2.0—the new “Unite the Right.” Officials were quoted saying it was to prevent violence between white supremacists and counter-protesters, but seriously, give us a break here. The idea was quickly scrapped after the union whose members operate the trains said they would not enable special treatment for white supremacists:

“Local 689 is proud to provide transit to everyone for the many events we have in D.C. including the March of Life, the Women’s March and Black Lives Matters” rallies, ATU Local 689 president Jackie Jeter said in the statement.

“We draw the line at giving special accommodation to hate groups and hate speech,” Jeter said. “We find it hypocritical… to make these unprecedented special accommodations for a hate group.”

The union said that people of color make up “more than 80 percent of Local 689’s membership … the very people that the Ku Klux Klan and other white nationalist groups have killed, harassed and violated. The union has declared that it will not play a role in their special accommodation.”

It’s a good thing to have workers empowered enough to say “hell no” to terrible ideas.

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