CNN scorches Li’l Donald Trump over his attack on LeBron: ‘Sounds like FLOTUS had the remote’

ABC7 / YouTube Trump insults LeBron James Don Lemon...
ABC7 / YouTube

Being called dumb by Donald Trump is not exactly going to send you to the burn unit. I imagine it’s a little like getting assaulted by a feral toddler. Disturbing as fuck, but not really painful.

So LeBron James, who can take solace in his recent $154 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, is probably not sweating the puerile gibes of Li’l Donald Trump. After all, Lebron is King James in every conceivable universe. Meanwhile, I’ve run every possible scenario through my quantum Batcomputer, and out of 18 googolplex parallel universes, Trump is president in only one of them, whereas Charo is speaker of the House in at least 12.

So stay strong, LeBron. As if I needed to tell you that.

But while LeBron is unlikely to respond in kind to Trump’s digital logorrhea, CNN is not so bashful.

The network, which Trump claims he never, ever watches, had this to say about its interview with James:


Say, remember when major news networks didn’t feel compelled to taunt sitting presidents over their rank dishonesty and stupidity?

Those were the days.


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