As Russia probe continues, Trump continues to slide into frustration, fury, and panic

Vox / YouTube Donald Trump is trolling the Republican...
Vox / YouTube

Once again we are treated to an inside look at the creaking, shuddering carnival ride that is Trump’s “administration”, and once again it offers ample evidence of a man untethered from even a pretense of being able to do his job.

The president, more than ever, is channeling his internal frustration and fear into a ravenous maw of grievance and invective. He is churning out false statements with greater frequency and attacking his perceived enemies with intensifying fury.

He’s just a big ball of spit and fury at this point, lashing out at anything and everything and then demanding praise from his staff after he does it:

From his White House residence Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted that Manafort may be treated worse by the criminal justice system than Al “Scarface” Capone, whom he identified as “legendary mob boss, killer and ‘Public Enemy Number One.’” He later called around to some advisers asking what they thought of the tweet, proud that he had come up with the Capone comparison.

He’s making phone calls to brag about a tweet comparing his ex-campaign manager to one of America’s most infamous gangsters? It’s not just that he’s proud of it, it’s that he’s calling up other people to make sure they praise him for it as well? Ye gods.

And keep in mind, this is his behavior with a full phalanx of acolytes willing to coddle him and tell him what he wants to hear.

Trump has told some associates that Giuliani has convinced him Mueller has nothing incriminating about him. “Rudy’s told him the other player is bluffing with a pair of 2’s,” said one Trump adviser.

If this current round of “grievance and invective” is what we get even though Rudy Giuliani and other advisers are kissing his feet on an hourly basis, what happens when it finally dawns on Trump that it’s not a bluff?

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Alarmed American.
Alarmed American.

D for DUMB trump Sliding into “Frustration, Fury & Panic is Nothing New Since even before Winning The Presidental Election, It was quite clear that CRAZY donald had fully slid into TOTAL INSANITY. Want PROOF, just see above d. trump’s picture, The Classical Facial Expression & Hand Gesture Of A SICK MINDED SEWER SHIT, SON OF A BITCH & A M-FUCKING RETARD having a Full MENTAL BREAKDOWN.