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We all have been reading Trump is freaking out about the Manafort trial. It’s not because of Russia, it’s his finances. Trump has come to the realization that Manafort does business in the exact same way he has been doing business for decades, money laundering, foreign accounts, fake charity payments, tax evasion, no FACTA reports to the IRS, bank fraud, to name a few. In Trump world, all standard operating procedure.

The recent subpoena of Trump finance officer Allen Weisselberg (CFO) to testify before a Federal grand jury in connection with the Michael Cohen case has Trump pulling his orange hair out.  He now realizes Mueller has all his tax returns and has had them from day 1 . He’s seeing the parade of those closest to Manafort testify against him and envisioning everyone he knows doing the same to him: Weisselberg, Melania, Don JR, Eric, Russian mafia connections from New York, everyone. 30 years of connections and bad business deals.

Mueller has put him in a box. Mueller is a marine and knows something about strategic tactics, Trump not so much. The offer to interview Trump will not only prevent Trump from firing him and Rosenstein for the immediate period but calls Trump’s bluff (on testifying) making Trump look both absurd and weak. If Trump fires Mueller now, even his base will have to wonder what he’s hiding. ( That says a lot.) Mueller may be biding time to complete his reports by Labor Day. Mueller is playing with Trump and making him look the fool that he is. Mueller’s team doesn’t leak, but that it doesn’t mean Mueller doesn’t send messages. This is one with a bullhorn.

Trump and his lawyer ( Emmet Flood) according to reports are really not that afraid about the conspiracy charges with Russia — don’t bet on that. Rest assured, Trump knows of all the financial crimes he committed for the last 20 years ( and yes it worse than you could ever imagine).  Trump realizing Manafort is on trial for financial crimes going back over 12 years is the root cause for Trump’s immediate insanity.

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  1. Again, as I’ve said from the start of this clusterfuck called, ugh, I feel sick writing, seeing, hearing his name but you know who…FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

  2. Those tax returns should be very interesting. Who better to gander them before Weisselberg testifies, than Mueller’s team.
    “Hey, you really got some ‘splainin’ to do, Orange Excrement!”
    That will get to Trump’s ‘Heart of the Matter’.. because proof to the world he the sick closet fraud we always imagined him to be, will certainly fragment that Saturn-like ring around his being we know as his EGO.
    He should be double-kneeling before the DOJ, (and it won’t be in a football stadium!).

  3. trump has been money laundering for years. Books about him list his assets at bankrupt & next thing you know someone lends him millions. Who does that? Crooked banks, that’s who. He’s so arrogant he thought he could keep his “family business” secret & continue the grifting that’s kept him afloat for years. He’s entire family is in jeopardy thanks to his never ending ego & greed. What a fool.


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