Senators want an investigation into Mar-a-Lago members getting their own Air Force One tours

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It is at this point far down the list of national crises—a rung far, far lower than child separation or the knowledge that the sitting president is a traitor, but four U.S. senators (all Democrats, of course) are asking the Department of Defense to investigate media reports that Donald Trump has been giving dues-paying members of his private clubs their own tours of the presidential plane.

“If true, these reports could mean that the President or his family have used government property for private gain — giving tours of Air Force One as a perk for club membership — or that some citizens have potentially been able to buy access to Air Force One via their personal payments to the President’s private club,” the letter states.

It is normally difficult for Regular Folks to get a tour of Air Force One due to, ahem, it being a military aircraft and not a goddamn pony ride. But if you’re a Mar-a-Lago member and have ponied up the steep cash to hang out with Donald during his “presidency,” it looks like your chances of getting a private tour get substantially boosted. And Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Sheldon Whitehouse, Richard Blumenthal, and Tom Carper want to know if Donald has been using AIR FORCE FREAKING ONE to sell Mar-a-Lago memberships, because everyone in America knows full well that is something Donald would try to do the moment he first thought it up.

When this new Mar-a-Lago “perk” was first reported, the White House dismissed it by saying that it was “common” for presidents to give Air Force One tours to their “friends,” suggesting that it wasn’t that Trump was rewarding Mar-a-Lago members with the tours, he just coincidentally happens to only be friends with people who happen to be paying him serious coin each year—admittedly, a revelation that would be unsurprising from this particular (cough) individual.

The whole mess is ethics investigation number something-hundred and counting, and at least half of them would have been prevented if the sociopathic turnip had divested from his for-profit corporate entities upon winning office as every other modern president has been required to do for exactly these reasons.

So there will be an investigation of this potential scandal, too. Odds are that whatever it finds will be buried in the onslaught of other far more important scandals just a few months from now, but you can be assured there will be, at some point, a memo.

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