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The Republicans’ latest abuse of power is jaw dropping in it’s arrogance. Our Federal Government will now only respond to Republicans. Now Transparency and Democracy are seen as liabilities for the GOP. Transparency and Democracy are now seen by Republicans as inconveniences to be suppressed and extinguished.

National Archives rebuffs Dems request for Kavanaugh documents


The Democratic push to get documents from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s work in the George W. Bush administration ran into a new roadblock on Friday.

The National Archives, in a letter to Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), said it will only respond to a request for documents under the Presidential Records Act (PRA) if they come from a committee chairman, who are all Republicans.

The National Archives and Records “remains unable to respond to PRA special access requests from ranking minority members,” wrote Archivist David Ferriero,…

…after consultations between the National Archives general counsel and the Justice Department they determined that a documents request “must be from the chair (or the committee itself), unless specifically delegated by the committee to the ranking minority member.”

This is a breathtaking abuse of the Federal Government by the cult of power and wealth that the Republican Party has become.

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  1. How many more scurrilous things can Republicans do? This is the most corrupt administration in American history. The Founding Fathers are spinning in their hallowed graves.

  2. Our last chance to reestablish democracy comes in November. Make efforts that all who you know vote to halt this slow motion coup (some would argue it is too late).


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