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A suspected female Russian spy worked at the American embassy in Moscow for over a decade. The woman was hired by the US Secret Service and had access to their most sensitive data such as the location/schedule of President, Vice President and even Hillary Clinton. Her activities came under suspicion under a normal security sweep and she was found to have been meeting regularly with members of Russia’s FSB.

While high level Secret Service officials were alerted in January 2017, no internal investigation was done to figure out the extent of the damage. The woman was quietly let go.  No Congressional Committee was notified.

It’s possible that her activities helped Russians hack into the presidential election office of the DNC.


With a role that gave her an insight into ongoing Secret Service investigations, the woman had access to the US Secret Service intranet, its internal email, and its counterfeit money tracking system.


“She had access to the most damaging database, which is the US Secret Service official mail system,” the source said. “Part of her access was schedules of the president – current and past – vice-president, and their spouses, including Hillary Clinton.”

She had plenty of time to gather intelligence without supervision, the source said. “Several employees interacted with her on a personal level by emailing her personally on a non-work account. This isn’t allowed.”


The Guardian has been told that the potential breach was not reported to any of the congressional intelligence or oversight committees.

A source said: “A government committee needs to investigate the Secret Service for hiding this breach.”


“Her activities of stealing and sharing information could shed more light on how the Russians were able to hack the 2016 presidential election office of the DNC [Democratic National Committee].”

They added: “I think that the special counsel would be the perfect outside entity to investigate the level of damage that [she] caused. They have access to all types of counterintelligence information and they wouldn’t lie … to avoid reporting this serious operational and security breach.”…

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