NBC: Gym Jordan pressured ex-OSU wrestling coach to urge accusers to recant

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Turns out Donald Trump isn’t the only Republican trying to quash an investigation and basically just shut everybody up.

Oh, but it gets better. Or worse, for Gym Jordan:

Gosh, that sounds like obstruction of justice, doesn’t it?

So, what exactly was said to the wrestlers?

“I’m sorry you got caught up in the media train,” Hellickson wrote in a July 4 text to Dunyasha Yetts that the former wrestler shared with NBC News. “If you think the story got told wrong about Jim, you could probably write a statement for release that tells your story and corrects what you feel bad about. I can put you in contact with someone who would release it.”


Yetts said Hellickson also called him later on July 4 and said he was under pressure from Jordan, who was an assistant wrestling coach at the university from 1986 to 1994, and from Jordan’s supporters to make “a bold statement to defend Jimmy.”

“He said, ‘I will defend Jimmy until I have to put my hand on a Bible and be asked to tell the truth, then Jimmy will be on his own,’” Yetts said in an interview this week, recalling his conversation with Hellickson. “I told him, ‘I’m going to contradict you, coach, because I’m telling the truth.’”

Sounds like an ethics investigtion and expulsion are more likely in Jordan’s future than the speaker’s job.

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John M.Sheehan
John M.Sheehan

No wonder this pervert is such a yellow-bellied sh*t gibbon defender. Birds of a feather…


This is a guy who likes do all the kicking after someone goes down, but will never admit he knows anything about it.