Is Jeff Flake Deliberately Blocking Kavanaugh by Staying Out of Washington? Some Think So.

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So Yurtle canceled the traditional August recess for the Senate to push through Kavanaugh and drumpf’s other judicial nominees ahead of the election and Jeff Flake responds by taking off for Zimbabwe to observe the beautiful sunsets, their election and extol the virtue of paper ballots…

Since the Judiciary is comprised of 11 Republicans and 10 Democrats, Flake’s absence ties up the Committee and that means that no new nominees can go to the floor while he is on the Zimbabwean Trail, and Pence will have to stay in Washington to break ties on those already advanced to the floor rather than campaigning for Republican candidates.

Is Flake finally actually doing something?

This Twitter user thinks so.

But will he stay away? Apparently the answer is…. yes.

Meanwhile guess who is chairing the tied up Judiciary Committee today and what he is doing?

Lets hope Jeff doesn’t Flake out again.


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