RT / YouTube Trump trolls Rubio during Texas Rally...
RT / YouTube

Journalist Emma Best has just released an archive of 11,000 direct, private messages sent to and from Wikileaks’ Twitter account.

Forbes reports many of the messages are offensive and show a strong pro-Trump, anti-Clinton bias. There may be other revelations, but Shelby Holliday flags this stunner:

Immediately after Trump calls for the Russians to find Clinton’s missing emails, Wikileaks seems to be complaining that: “Trump is moving ahead of the story.”

Does this mean that there was some sort of agreed timetable and Trump was not following the plan? As Ms. Holliday says: Fascinating!

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  1. This is all well n good, but nobody has the courage to remove this cretin from office!!!.. as a 64yr old Aussie im amazed that America has let this evil person, drag your great country an its people through the mud. Destroyed relationships which have taken 100 years to forge. This evil un American dotard has the power and stupidity to destroy the planet…. a sad time in the history of America…

    • I totally agree. You can thank Mitch McConnell & his REP cronies for selling out their country and assisting Trump to bring it down. We just have to band together, Dem, Rep. & indep and push to get rid of them. Their like a disease that we have to obliterate!


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