More changes at the WH intersection of soap opera and state-run media … maybe

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Another distraction got turned up again as the reality-TV mechanism was deployed to take minds off the continuing failed governance at the WH. Apparently vindictiveness travels a well-traveled human resource route between the WH and Fox News, as rumors resurface regarding Sarah Huckabee Sanders position as Press Secretary.

The bitter, long-brewing war between Fox News and former Fox host Kimberly Guilfoyle has taken a very public detour into territory strangely familiar for the conservative media behemoth: hotly disputed dick-pic allegations.


Knowledgeable sources and Fox insiders warned The Daily Beast about a“file” and “oppo” on Guilfoyle’s workplace conduct that Fox News brass had kept over the years and were potentially preparing to weaponize. Those warnings began shortly after the network’s notoriously ruthless public-relations and comms shop appeared to kick her to the curb last Friday with a passive-aggressive single-line statement simply reading, “Fox News has parted ways with Kimberly Guilfoyle.”…

As if one really cared, considering the usual circus of disinformation that is the WH communications operation.

The guessing game of who will be the next White House press secretary is heating up again despite no visible signs from Sarah Huckabee Sanders that she is thinking of leaving.

  • Speculation is heating up again who might replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  • Sanders has shown no outward signs of leaving but officials are said to be preparing for ‘life without Sarah’
  • Heather Nauert and Kimberly Guilfoyle’s names are being mentioned
  • But the fact Guilfoyle is dating Donald Trump Jr. could hurt her chances
  • Bill Shine is said to be soliciting opinions on who should get the gig  
  • Qualifications are said to include: knowing how to handle press, some experience, a good relationship with President Trump, and looking the part…

Trump has seen White House staff turnover in excess of 37 percent
(2015) A Fox News panel suggested over the weekend that women “don’t need to talk” because being funny made them unattractive to men.
On Sunday’s edition of Fox & Friends, host Tucker Carlson pointed to a recent study which found that men were more attractive to women when they told jokes, but the same was not true for women who told jokes.
“Are funny women not attractive to men?” Carlson asked, turning to his panel.
Fox News contributor Katherine Timpf agreed: “I’m single because I’m so funny. That’s what it is.”…
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William Gross
William Gross

The Zionist media will eat itself because it’s so greedy by nature!