Trump KNOWS he’s done for: Trying to avoid questions re: “Obstruction of Justice”

MSNBC / YouTube To Helsinki amp Back Was This...
MSNBC / YouTube

Oh man this is so good, breaking all over the place tonight. From the WSJ’s Rebecca Ballhaus:

I knew they were gonna nail the mofo’ on this and…. I just can’t get enough of this!!!

!!! That’s not how this works !!!!

But… Rudy seems to think he has it all figured out:

HA ha ha!!!! These folks have a good plea suggestion:

But A lot of us reached this conclusion a long time ago:


Trump ‘s goose is COOKED!

EDIT to add this, just in, Trump cannot avoid his date with “the Man”:


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2 Comments on "Trump KNOWS he’s done for: Trying to avoid questions re: “Obstruction of Justice”"

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Angelo Bolton
Angelo Bolton

Could this be the start of the downfall of this asshole? Sure hope so.

Mick owens
Mick owens

I honestly think he will get away with anything at this point. As the republicans are gutless.