Trump, a liar, says he is now ‘very concerned’ Russia might help his opponents in midterm elections

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As both new revelations and new indictments roll in from the probe into Russian election hacking and possible U.S. collaborators, Donald Trump continues to escalate his tweet-fits in rough proportion. He continues to cast doubt on the notion that Russian actions in 2016 were indeed even Russian; he continues to opine that since his friend Vlad Putin denied the charges, Trump’s hands are tied; and he continues, most emphatically, to insist that the investigation into his campaign team’s myriad Russian ties and meetings is a “witch hunt.”

He does not give a damn about either the truth or the nation, and now he, or somebody in the White House staff with his Twitter password, is preparing the groundwork for a reversal of sorts: claiming that maybe Russia is helping his enemies instead.

This was almost certainly not written by Trump (the tone is not nearly as cocaine-laced as his usual efforts), which if anything suggests that this drooling bit of flimflammery is a team effort, and therefore a potential White House strategy being tested out. In the real world that the rest of us inhabit, Putin himself publicly asserted during the recent Trump-Putin meet up that Russia wanted Donald Trump to win in 2016, and Donald’s self-promoted “toughness” towards Russia has consisted of attempting to weaken sanctions, public defenses of Russian actions, and a two-year effort to publicly and privately sabotage our own government’s investigation into Russian hacking. In short, the man has done a damn fine impression of living in Putin’s coat pocket.

But we can infer from this, perhaps, that a core group of White House idiots has finally come to the recognition that Republicans may be in deep, deep trouble in the November midterms and need to come up with an excuse for why that may happen—and a way to delegitimize the elections themselves, if it does.

Still, though: if the garbage fire watching television in the Oval Office really, truly thought Russian hackers were making a new effort to help his opponents, rather than himself—perhaps because of a private faux pas during his meeting with Putin—he would order his White House to finally, at long last, do something to prevent it. And he hasn’t done that. And he’s not suggesting it now, and Republican lawmakers are themselves continuing their own efforts to sabotage our government’s investigations into the hacking. So there you go.

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