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In an interview with Margaret Brennan on ‘Face the Nation’ Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that Trump’s mental faculties may be diminished.

“I think the president gets this confused,” Graham said. “If you suggest that Russians meddled in 2016, he goes to the idea that, well, I didn’t collude with them.”

Graham was good enough to keep the language gentle — “gets this confused” as opposed to “is confused” — but it’s not a word that you want used in any context with a President. And it leaves in place the fact that Trump is taking no action to stop the Russians interfering in our elections.

Which begs the question: Which is worse, that Trump is deliberately aiding the Russians or that he is so demented he is aiding them without knowing it?

And let’s not stop there. You could ask the same question about everything Trump does. When he celebrates his ‘successful’ negotiations with Kim Jong-un does he actually believe they were, despite the evidence? Or is he plugging the lie knowing his zealots will believe anything he says — and even if they don’t, they won’t care?

Trump’s lunatic tweet storms don’t provide an answer. They could point to some ADHD/dyslexia cocktail or they could be evidence of a mental breakdown. And talking of cocktails, we cannot discount possible severe drug interactions. I’ll leave the diagnosis to trained psychologists/psychiatrists.

Regardless, Graham pointing out Trump’s confusion must surely open the door to discussions about the applicability of the 25th amendment.

His latest tweetstorm is just more proof of the proposition. It started last night with this:

Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump


Is Trump really threatening Iran and thinks this sort of nonsense is an effective tactic? Or is he just playing to the base?

He lobbed the same brickbats at Kim Jong-un. They proved to be just so much hot air. As they will here. At worst Trump and Rouhani will have a nice summit with lots of promises and no action. And Trump will again declare a ‘win’

Allow me two observations. One: Teddy Roosevelt said, “speak softly and carry a big stick.” But Trump doesn’t have a ‘big stick’ so he has to yell. Two, if you want to terrify someone, leave a dead fish on their doorstep or a horse head in their bed. Braggadocio from 6,300 miles distance will be swatted away. Which the Iranians did.

And if it is red meat for the base, Foaz Izadi, an Irani commentator, summed it up well:

“This is designed to address his base in the US. You need to remember that he is facing elections in November and if Democrats gain power in the US congress, they will impeach him.”

This morning, in a nine tweet rant, he took on the usual suspects —  WaPo, Amazon, the FISA warrant, DOJ, FBI and the ‘Obama Gang’, the ‘Fake Dirty Dossier’, ‘Crooked Hillary Clinton’, the DNC,  and the ‘discredited Mueller Witch Hunt’! Is he a raving lunatic — or a scared, desperate man holding on to his base?

Or both?

Presidents have always had their fitness for office questioned by opponents. Sometimes absurdly — e.g. birtherism and the claim that Obama was a post-colonial, Kenyan socialist. Other times perhaps accurately, but irrelevantly. Say the charge that Bush Jr. wasn’t intelligent. There is no IQ standard for the job. Or that Clinton was distracted by the Lewinsky affair — how do you measure distraction?

The closest we have come in recent times is Reagan with his Alzheimer’s.

But Trump shows every day with his vacillation, pathological lying, inability to process information, grandiosity, erratic behavior, his obsession with enemies and the election, his denial of reality, and his constant claims of wins where none exist, that he may well be non compos mentis.

When you add that even members of the President’s own party are worried he may not be all there, then the time has come for the cabinet to think about doing their constitutional duty, and start consulting mental health professionals.

Americans deserve to know their President has the mental capacity to do the job.

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  1. Has he ever said anything bordering on sane since he took office? It is plain for all to see that he’s “not all there”. There are flashes of relative sanity, but these are overtaken by completely inexplicable acts, which friend and foe alike have tried to rationalise, or explain as “what he meant to say”, (himself included in the “would/n’t” drivel, which he has since walked back). Those friends or foes are enabling this very sad state of affairs that exist in the US today. This has got to stop, and the Constitution (A25) has provisions for dealing with such a scenario. That those with the power to implement it are not doing so, says more about them than the madness of King Don.

  2. That fact that donald trump is “not all there” was plain even before the presidential election, which more than once proven with every word out of CRAZY donald’s big, fat, stupid mouth. Instead of merely hinting at the answer, how about just saying it out loud. To repeat, we chose a LUNATIC over a LADY.

  3. No matter how stupid and ignorant Trump is, the Republicans will not do anything until they complete what they started by electing him. And that is the tax cuts and filling all the courts with their republican counterparts. Once their plan is complete then they won’t need him anymore. Trump has something up his sleeve with Putin and only time will show us what they are planning.

  4. I think most repugs hang on to Trump, even reluctantly, because if they are to make a difference in November they have to show alliance to the republican president. No matter how demented he may seem. This is the only way the can count on votes from Trump’s base. If they distance themselves from him, they make it that much easier for the Demos.

  5. I believe Trump is insane. No other president, democrat nor republic has ever behaved in this matter. I fear that this man occupies the oval office the United States will take years to recover, behind that note he should be removed from office by the 2nd amendment, sooner than Lester.

  6. He is a a delusional moron and pathological liar.You really can’t believe anything he says. What he does say is only to make himself feel good and shine. He is so destructive.

  7. He is such a delusional moron and pathological liar. Anything he says is strictly for his own benefit and his huge ego. He is so corrupt.

  8. Because of trump’s upbringing, during which he was cloistered by family and money, his frame of reference is not that of the ordinary citizen. Most of us were brought up to have respect for the law and for the other citizens of the world. We were treated like other kids in our school and range of acquaintance. We were not encouraged to think that we were destined to rule others or to evade the consequences of our own misbehavior. Trump is an extreme narcissist, with all the altered mental perceptions that attend that condition. His father taught him to disrespect and outwit the law, a lesson that fit in nicely with trump’s growing experiences of getting away with everything he did. I think that by now, his abnormal range of experience has taught him that he is a superhuman and almost godlike person, privileged beyond all reason. I think he is truly bumfoozled by his experiences out here in the “real” world, where he has to deal with people who don’t see him as a supreme ruler and who are unimpressed with his record of getting away with everything and then some.

    In other words, trump has finally collided, in some part, with the real world, and he truly is at sea as to how he should react to it and deal with it. Maybe it’s time he tried to learn and stopped being a boil on America’s butt.


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