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Meet Beck Dorey-Stein.  She had been a White House stenographer for five years (2012-2017).  She decided to quit because President Trump didn’t respect stenographers, and didn’t use them as he was supposed to.

I guess a pathological liar’s arch-enemy is a tape recorder.

So Trump avoided them whenever he could.

A White House stenographer says she resigned over the Trump administration’s lack of respect for her office after President Trump reduced the roles of the White House position.

Beck Dorey-Stein, who worked as a stenographer for the White House during the second half of the Obama administration, told CNN’s New Day on Wednesday that Trump’s refusal to allow stenographers in the room for meetings and interviews with some journalists crossed a line.

“I quit because I couldn’t be proud of where I worked anymore,” Dorey-Stein said. “I felt like President Trump was lying to the American people, and also … not even trying to tell the truth. He wasn’t even going the extra mile to have the stenographers in the room”


“Mr. Trump likes to call anyone who disagrees with him ‘fake news.’ But if he’s really the victim of so much inaccurate reporting, why is he so averse to having the facts recorded and transcribed?”

Secret conversations?

Like in Helsinki?

Dorey-Stein has a new book out called “From the Corner of the Oval: A Memoir”

It’s getting great reviews.  Go show her some love.

Here’s a bit more from her own Op-Ed in the NY-Times:

I Was a White House Stenographer.Trump Wasn’t a Fan.

By Beck Dorey-Stein

Ms. Dorey-Stein was a White House stenographer from 2012 to 2017.

On Friday, at a news conference with Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain a reporter asked President Trump about disparaging comments he had made about her to The Sun newspaper. He denied ever having said them and declared that recordings of the interview would vindicate him. “We record when we deal with reporters,” he said. “We solve a lot of problems with the good old recording instrument.”

Do we?

President Trump did criticize Theresa May to The Sun. We know because it was recorded.

It’s clear that White House stenographers do not serve his administration, but rather his adversary: the truth.


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