Breaking today – and Wow! “DOJ decides it should publicly ‘expose’ foreign election schemes”

Internet Education Foundation / Flickr Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein...
Internet Education Foundation / Flickr

I can’t believe this isn’t headline news everywhere!  Rod Rosenstein has really stepped up to the plate!  Considering what he’s just let himself in for with this, I’d say Rod Rosenstein has just proven himself to be a true American patriot.

Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein (above) has announced at the Aspen Security Forum that under the new policy, the DOJ will inform American corporations, organizations and even individuals if they’re being targeted by foreign operations in an attempt to influence the country’s elections. “Exposing schemes to the public is an important way to neutralize them,” he explained, less than a week after the DOJ indicted 12 Russian intelligence agents for hacking Democrats leading up to the 2016 Presidential Elections. He added: “The American people have a right to know if foreign governments are targeting them with propaganda.”

We’ll likely hear frequently from the DOJ once it starts implementing the policy, considering attacks on candidates running in 2018 have reportedly already begun. At the same forum, Microsoft VP for customer security and trust Tom Burt also revealed that his team discovered a spear-phishing campaign targeting three candidates vying for re-election in 2018. He said they traced it back to Russian intelligence agency GRU, the same organization behind the DNC hacks in 2016.

Read the full article here (with lots of links and other good quotes):
DOJ decides it should publicly ‘expose’ foreign election schemes

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