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I am a liberal lobster fisherman which is nearly an oxymoron in the lobster fishery.  Nearly every lobsterman I know is a declared Repugnican.

Last year at this point in the lobster season. the boat price that I received for shedder lobster was $3.85/lb.  Enter the cabal of idiots and traitors currently infesting the White House with their massive tax increase on imports and as of yesterday the boat price was $2.35/lb.

Over the last several years China had become a huge expanding market for lobster, but due to a 40- 45% tax placed on lobster imports in retaliation for Herr Trump’s idiotic tariff on Chinese goods demand for American lobster is drying up  faster than fishermen’s tears.

Canada produced nearly a billion dollars worth of lobster last year, and with the tariff on Canadian lobster static at 7%, Chinese buyers are turning en masse to  Canadian producers.

Meanwhile, back here in Maine, our Repugnican senator Susan Collins is as much a Trumpanzee as can be found in the cesspool that is the GOP.  She keeps making feeble attempts to fend off the inevitable demise of her political career under the Blue Tsunami that is about to engulf her party, but the ship has struck a Trumpberg, and she will go down with the ship.

I will lose thousands of dollars this season thanks to our Idiot-in-chief, but its a small price to pay for my absolute delight in watching the payback most lobstermen are getting for their participation in Treason Season.

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