Trump spokesperson digs Russia hole deeper: No isn’t no, and he might hand U.S. citizens to Putin

CBC News / YouTube Trump Putin meeting Moscow did not...
CBC News / YouTube

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders faced a feisty press corps Wednesday afternoon, and it was pretty brutal for her. Sent out to walk back Russian asset Donald Trump’s reversal of yesterday’s walk back, she had an excuse that was almost as unbelievable as Trump’s “would-wouldn’t” excuse-making of Tuesday.

Here’s how it played out Wednesday morning in the brief press availability Wednesday morning: Trump was asked by a reporter if Russia was still targeting the U.S. and he immediately responded “no” then launched into his Russia schtick: “There’s been no president ever as tough as I have been on Russia. … I think President Putin knows that better than anybody … he’s not happy about it, and he shouldn’t be happy about it.” Sanders insisted in the press briefing that followed that Trump wasn’t answering that question, but saying “no” to answering any reporters’ questions. But the video clearly shows him answering following questions and why in the hell would we get his bluster on how tough he is if he wasn’t following up on that “no” about Russian interference?

That was a ridiculous warm up to the really fucking terrifying part.

Michael McFaul is the former United State Ambassador to Russia. Trump talked to Putin about AND IS CONSIDERING handing over a former U.S. ambassador. To Putin. Trump is actually following up on this with this national security team, not ruling it out.

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