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You’ll never guess who is using an opinion from Brett Kavanaugh, Russian asset Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, to fight the Mueller investigation. Well, I kind of gave that away, didn’t I. It’s Russia!

Back in 2012, Kavanaugh sat in on Bluman v. Federal Election Commission, a case in which eventually went to the Supreme Court which ruled that lawful resident aliens had no First Amendment right to contribute to American candidates and political committees. Kavanaugh’s opinion upheld that ban, but—there’s always a but—”went out of his way to say that he interprets the ban to apply only to spending on messages that explicitly call for a vote one way or the other, despite the broad language of the statute.” Meaning he’s fine with foreigners spending dark money on the “issue ads” that don’t expressly say “vote for xxxx.”

Cue the Mueller investigation and a Russian company indicted as part of the Mueller investigation:

Russia, which is officially and gleefully declaring that “Trump is ours!” probably scoured through everything Kavanaugh ever wrote to find something to put in that argument. Because they are trolling the entire United States and the Mueller investigation team. They’re declaring here that they could own the Supreme Court, too.

Just one more reason this nominee should not be confirmed, ever, but especially not right now.

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