Whoa! Senator suggests U.S. translator in Putin-Trump meeting should immediately testify to Congress

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Despite vehement objection from diplomatic efforts and even his own staff, Donald Trump insisted on meeting one-on-one with Vladmir Putin, the former KGB spy chief who they knew would run circles around a narcissistic and incompetent Trump. And that he did, making it clear that Donald Trump is not only incompetent, but under Putin’s thumb. Trump reportedly didn’t even want notes to be taken during the meeting and attended with only one other person: a U.S. translator.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) has now suggested the translator meet with Congress to report directly to them about what was said in this private meeting between Trump and Putin. After all, the security and interests of the United States and our western allies are at-risk.

This is a brilliant idea and Democrats and Republicans alike should want to get to the bottom of this two hour Putin-Trump meeting. Donald Trump is a public servant and so is the translator. The American people have a right to know precisely what went on in that meeting. It’s crystal clear Putin got everything he wanted out of it.


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Ditto the private meeting Trump held with Kim Jong Un in Singapore, without officials or note takers. If nothing else, both Kim and Putin will have obtained kompromat from Trump that they will use when they need to.