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The Russian Defense Ministry says that it is ready to begin cooperating with the U.S. in fulfilling the agreement that Russian asset Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin apparently came up with in their meeting on Monday. Since no one was in that room but Trump and Putin (and their interpreters) we don’t know what was agreed to exactly, but here’s what the defense ministry says.

“The Russian Defense Ministry is ready for practical implementation of the agreements in the sphere of international security reached by Russian and U.S. Presidents, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, at their Monday’s summit in Helsinki,” Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the ministry said, according to the Russian state-run news agency TASS. […]

“The Russian Defense Ministry is ready to enliven contact with the U.S. colleagues, between our General Staffs and via other communication channels, to discuss extension of the START Treaty, cooperation in Syria, and other topical issues of military security,” he stressed.

Does it also include Putin’s offer to “help” the U.S. investigate Russian election interference, thereby giving Russian investigators access to those in the United States and Europe who exposed the massive Putin-linked campaign” that led to sanctions against Russia? Exposing the identities of the whistle-blowers and endangering their lives? Giving them the keys to the nation’s elections systems?

Who knows? Trump was in that room with Putin for more than two hours. He could have ceded the whole military to Putin and we wouldn’t know.

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