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Yes… this all happened today.

An American “president” attacks his own country.

And would you look here. Russia agrees with Trump attacking his own country.

Later Putin’s puppet lovingly winks at the guy who attacked our elections.

And in an incredible statement from Germany’s Foreign Minister,

He says Germany can no longer rely on the White House. Read it and weep.

One of our closest allies in the world can no longer trust Trump.

This is what a traitor to his country looks like. Trump is owned by Vladimir Putin.

Trump attacks his country, attacks and alienates our allies, but goes all in with Putin and their propaganda machine. Republicans are complicit with this shit.

They are in on it as well. Traitors, all of them.

Putin attacked our elections and our “president” is defending those attacks.

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  1. It is said that you kill a snake by cutting off it’s head. Well, when it comes to this snake in the White House, we know you can’t fix stupid. So we should start with the tail (the GOP leadership). We nag them, we protest them at every chance and we then nail them at the polls. Time is running out to save America from Trump and Putin.

  2. Wow!! We have NEVER had a president; in my 60+ years call his own country stupid. That is truly a slap in the face to all of those men and women who fought and died for this so called Stupid country ,and those like my niece and nephew who are serving now. Trump’s words show his arrogance, self promoting, dishonesty. To his so called base he cares nothing about YOU. Trump does not care anything about this country’s people, it’s values or it’s institutions. Like a leech he will bleed this country dry only to benefit his giant ego. Putin is a liar so is Trump. Mueller definitely needs to continue, continue, continue.

    • It looks like, when you say, in your 60+ years you’ve been around a bit I as well, I never served but I have read quite a bit about WW2 and Adolf Hitler in particular. This traitor, this POS, the piece of trash in the Oval Office I get nauseated saying his name much less writing it seeing it hearing him spew his lies, just seeing his face on TV is disgusting, anyway, Hitler seized the moment by working his propaganda shit, lying out of his ass telling the people whatever they wanted to hear, and we all know that he was only about himself and HIS gang, and of course blaming the Jews for anything and everything. Hitler stole millions upon millions from the German people, as well as every country his war machine invaded, never gave one shit about anyone dying, only himself. Asshole, Putin’s bitch, cheating, lying tax cheat, money launderer, and all around criminal, has Russian spies planted in the NRA and the GOP circles, who we all know is raking in massive amounts of cash from the Russians for influence and “favors” called in or yet to be called in. Well, king shit himself turned on his propaganda machine told everyone how HE was going to fix everything whether it needed fixing or not, we’re being invaded by MS-13 gang bangers, Obamacare is a disaster, taxes are out of control, but no no it’s ok, I’m here now and I’ll take care of it, I AM FOR YOU my people, he actually said that, after his so called summit with fatso in North Korea, he wished HIS people were so loyal to him like they are to Kim, Um? Kim has people killed if they don’t bow down to his papas pic just so, which a howitzer no less! He is the absolute worst kind of circus clown, buffoon, traitor, a fucking idiot and a moron, an incompetent delusional motherless whore, who gives not one shit about anything or anyone except him, his scuzzy family, his Russian masters and no one else. The assholes who are complete assholes for standing by him are just so much fucking assholes! I said that already didn’t I? I can’t say it enough. ALL OF THEM ARE FUCKING ASSHOLES AND THEY ARE FUCKING GIVING OUR COUNTRY AWAY TO THE GODDAMN RUSSIANS BECAUSE THE MOTHERFUCKING RUSSIANS HAVE BOUGHT THEM OUT, NOW WE ARE BEING SOLD OUT TO THE MOTHERFUCKING RUSSIANS!!!!! Pardon my redundancy, I am starting to have spasms now, but I’ll be back!


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