Pierce on the Russia Indictments – Pure Poetry of Rage

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Mueller Has the Goods—All of the Goods. Wittingly or unwittingly, a huge cast of American characters was in on the plot.

That’s the headline over Charles P. Pierce’s reaction to the indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers who sabotaged the 2016 elections. His opening is an awesome display of towering rage and disgust.

Goddamn them all.

Goddamn the hackers. Goddamn the journalists who laundered the pilfered material. Goddamn any of them who treated Roger Stone as a source, or as a cute prankster, instead of the nasty vandal he’s always been. Goddamn the pundits who chortled over the pilfered material. Goddamn the politicians who profited from the hacking. Goddamn the politicians who minimized the hacking. Goddamn the politicians who still stonewall about the hacking. Goddamn the “activists” who ranted about “McCarthyism” when anybody pointed out that the 2016 presidential election had been poisoned from afar. Goddamn them all as traitors, if not to the American nation, then to everything that ever made that nation worth the bother.

They conspired, wittingly or unwittingly. They colluded, wittingly or unwittingly. They are accessories, before and after the fact, to the hijacking of a democratic election. So, yes, goddamn them all.

The rest is as good. Read the whole thing. The quotes from the indictment, the recitation of grievances, the anticipation of where it will go from here…

Things are only going to get stranger from here on out.

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