Americans Say Barack Obama Was The Greatest President Of Their Lifetime. POLL

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Americans say Barack Obama was  the BEST president of their lifetime. They say he did the best job as president compared to other presidents. Bill Clinton is second, then Reagan, per a new PEW research center poll. 44% percent of adults  say Obama was their best or second best, 33% say Clinton was their best or second best , while 32% say Reagan was their best or second best. Bush did a poor job.

The interesting thing about this poll is how AGE plays a role in how Americans judge the greatness of a president.  46% of millennials under the age of 38 view Obama as their best while 45% of  older folks name Reagan as their best.

A black man is viewed as the best president in America. A country that once enslaved people who look like him. We have come a long way, but the current administration might just push as back to those dark times. It’s starting to happen.


Trump does poorly in this poll. To be fair to him, he is not even done with his first term. BUT something tells me he will fair poorly even when out of office. His atrocious policies and his nasty personality will be hard to wash away.

Obama was not perfect. No politician will ever be, but many Americans believe he did a great job. He is missed. I happen to fall in the( 22 – 38) age group and Obama is my favourite.  Some of his policies have been criticized by both the left and right. Many of his policies have been widely praised. Some people, even politicians, have  suggested that Obama was popular ONLY because of his dazzling personality, looks etc, in other words, an empty suit. Many Americans see it differently.  In the poll, Americans “ name Obama as their first or second choice for having done the best job of any president of their lifetimes.”.   It’s about the job he did, NOT his personality.


If an Obama clone runs for president in 2020, I tend to believe he would beat Trump handily. We have a long way to go before 2020 and I don’t trust polls telling me which Dem Politician is the most popular presidential candidate. We should be more focused on the midterms. Trump’s desire to change America should be stopped or at least stalled. People’s lives depend on us.  My only hope is that  Democrats can come up with a candidate in 2020 who will drive young people to the polls to vote, the way Obama did.


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