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Dairy equipment, LED lighting, train parts, medical devices, television cameras and roughly 800 other Chinese-made products have been hit with an estimated $34 billion in tariffs in Donald Trump’s trade war. But, one notable item missing from the list? Ivanka Trump’s $125 million clothing and shoe line, made entirely in Asia. More from the South China Morning Post:

While the United States and China are locked in a costly trade war, Ivanka Trump’s clothing and shoe business is not only exempted from the tariffs – it is in the pink.

US President Donald Trump’s daughter has long had her apparel and shoes made in China and thanks to a major exemption for Chinese garment and footwear in the tariffs dispute, the clothing industry looks likely to be left unscathed.

Ivanka Trump’s company is apparently taking bids for an increase in production for her shoe brand:

The representative said the company was bidding to supply 140,000 pairs of shoes. In the past, the company had fulfilled orders for at least 10,000 pairs for the brand.

And while experts had been tracking Ivanka-branded clothing shipments to the U.S., they say it is becoming harder to track because companies have likely begun using code names to make it harder to track.

Meanwhile, America’s farmers are going to be hit hard in Trump’s trade war. More from the Huffington Post:

Other enterprises and workers in the U.S., meanwhile, are already feeling the heat from a trade war. China’s retaliatory tariffs have targeted U.S. seafood, soybeans, dairy products, cars, apples, whiskey, pet food and cigarettes, among several other products. Farmers are fearful they won’t be able to sell products they had earmarked for China. They also worry that suppliers from other countries will pick up the valuable market — for good — that they have worked for years to cultivate.


“Soybeans are the top agriculture export for the United States, and China is the top market for purchasing those exports,” Iowa soybean grower John Heisdorffer said in a statement. “The math is simple. You tax soybean exports at 25 percent, and you have serious damage to U.S. farmers.”


Like everything Trump, it’s rules for thee, not for me. Just last week, Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort applied for 61 visas for foreign workers, in addition to the 70 foreign worker visas they were granted in January. Eric Trump and the Trump winery in Virginia have also repeatedly applied for foreign worker visas to labor in their vineyard. The hire American and made in America rules don’t ever seem to apply to the Trump family.

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