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Whose side is Trump really on?   America’s or the Kremlin’s?

Well if his deferential actions and statements are any guide, Trump is definitely protecting Putin every chance he gets?

The only thing a common-sense American should be asking about Trump’s lap-dog role here, is WHY?

Trump doesn’t care what people think about his relationship with Putin

Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN — July 3, 2018



But if Trump decides to go ahead with a one-on-one without his delegation behind closed doors, it would represent a thumb in the eye of his critics, given the curiosity and widespread concern in Washington and among US allies over the relationship between the US President and the Russian leader.<>  <>After all, Putin is accused of ordering an influence operation to interfere in the 2016 US election that evolved into a bid to help Trump win.<>Trump, meanwhile, has recently yet again given credence to Russia’s denials of election meddling, in defiance of the conclusions of his own intelligence agencies.<>



Trump is also dismissing and disrespecting the recent Senate Intelligence findings too, with that latest misdirecting and blatantly false Tweet — in defense of Putin.  Once again the question is WHY?

Putin shows just how weak Trump is

<><><><><>by Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post — July 5<><><>


Trump is so desperate to meet with Putin — for reasons not altogether clear — and barely addresses Russia’s election interference. He continues to join with the Russian president in shedding doubt on U.S. intelligence findings. Trump’s servility is proving precisely what Putin wants to show, namely that that he’s in a position to dominate the U.S.-Russia relationship. There really aren’t any consequences for his aggression and, for whatever reason, Trump is utterly docile.

In either case, the incident [Soviet-era nerve agent in Britain] forces us to ask again: Why is this summit even happening? Russia continues to interfere with our elections, partially occupies Ukraine, maintains a presence in Syria (where it commits war crimes and props up Bashar al-Assad’s genocidal regime) and supports Iran. In his eagerness to meet with Putin while all this is going on, Trump has already signaled that Putin can enjoy good PR and the pretense that Russia is a normal country while acting as a rogue state out to disrupt the international world order.


Trump and now a band of sycophantic Republicans are hard at work — trying to “normalize Russian relations”, by taking their olive branch offerings to Moscow itself.  As preview, opening act for the Putin-Trump Summit, that the world will be watching (from afar).

WHY are they doing this?

Has Putin quit killing Journalists?

Has Putin quit poisoning foreign Nationals?

Has Putin quit attacking our infrastructure systems?

Has Putin owned up to his documented interference in the 2016 Election?

Has Putin stopped interfering in Ukraine’s exercises in Democracy?

Has Putin withdrawn from Crimea?

Has Putin stopped taking over his nation’s resources, and selling them off to his friends and allies?

Has Putin stopped backing Assad and his war-criminal, exterminating regime?

Has Putin stopped attacking the NATO alliance?

The answers to these questions are all:  NO.  No way.  No how.

So the original question remains.

WHOSE side is Trump really on?

WHY does Trump support everything Putin says or does?

Doesn’t Trump know that Putin is no friend of democracy, or of freedom-seeking countries, around the world?

Or is it that Trump does know all this, BUT he just doesn’t care … because he has been personally compromised?  Because he personally agrees?

Let your common-sense be your guide, when you are one day forced to answer these questions for yourself, my fellow Americans:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) called Trump’s congratulations an insult to the Russian people and said that “an American president does not lead the Free World by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections.”

Trump defends congratulating Putin on election victory, TheHill.com — 3/21/18

Freedom-loving Americans really need to start demanding “Answers” — to these very troubling Trump-Putin questions.

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