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I need you to search your memories. It wasn’t too long ago. Only a year or so.

Just search your minds and try to think of a time when an American President, Republican or Democratic, would send this message out to the American people. In an attempt to convey his innermost thoughts:

Just read that. Then read it again.

These are the rantings of someone who is suffering from a mental pathology.

Someone who should not be negotiating “trade deals.”

Someone who should not be selecting “Supreme Court Justices.”

Someone who should not be appointing people to head our “Justice Department.”

Someone who should not be in charge of our country’s “Environmental Protection.”

Someone who should not be in charge of “Homeland Security.”

Someone who should not be in command of our Armed Forces.

Someone who should not have his hands anywhere near our nuclear weapons.

Someone who should not be in charge of “approving” or “vetoing” legislation.

Someone who should not be tasked with submitting a coherent” budget” to keep this country operating as a going concern.

Someone who should not be holding “Summits” with anyone, or any country.

Someone who should not be formulating any “policy” decisions at all.

This is someone who is mentally incapacitated.

And if he stays in office for much longer, something very, very bad is going to happen.

And I guarantee you, it will impact all of us. Equally.

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    • No, sorry. A solid, second third of our government, the congress, the other people charged with honoring the Constitution, not the President, is not functioning. They are complicit by not standing up to his lawlessness.

    • Nothing excuses the standing representatives of the time, most of whom are still in office, and have done nothing to squelch the insanity.
      Our ‘system’ does not stop them from doing that.

    • samtam, get the fuck out of here and go somewhere you might be wanted, Moscow maybe? how about Kiev? or just go back into your cave and play with your nasty grubby plastic 50.00 trumpybear you jackass.

  1. If the Russians truly affected the votes so that Trump could win, it’s not our system. That’s called cheating…

  2. The whole Republican Party is responsible for letting him get away with all he has done. They are very complicit. They are all in for their own gain. The crooks.

    • “Who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?” – Obi-Wan Kenobi

      “The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.” – Adolph Hitler (aka Donald Trump)

  3. Who says we are stuck with CRAZY donald? There are Legal & Lawful Ways Of getting rid of a Madman, no matter how high his position. All it takes is those who the courage to “ enough is enough” regarding that Pile of INSANE CRAP SHIT.

  4. I cannot remember reading a trump- related statement that is as on point, on all fours as this one. The powers around trump don’t seem to realize that, at some point, they become complicit in the lying, cheating, untoward behavior trump displays on a daily basis. How ’bout this: let’s take more kids from their parents and lock them in wire cages!

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