Trump campaign claimed they’d ‘buy American’, so why is a Chinese factory churning out Trump flags?

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Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign is already well underway—and got underway almost immediately after the 2016 elections, though primarily as a way to excuse Donald’s need to hold incessant rallies packed with supporters in order to boost his own ego. Oh, and to fleece his supporters for his team’s legal fees in defending himself, Michael Cohen and others from both the Russia probe and the lawsuit brought against him from porn actress Stormy Daniels.

Re-election campaigns need a lot of little flags to wave around, of course. The little American flags are needed to show that you are very, very patriotic, and also because without the little flags Trump supporters would forget which country they were in. The little “TRUMP 2020” flags are needed because, um, I suppose Trump can sell them for a few bucks?

In any event, Donald Trump’s team has super-duper promised that they would be buying those flags from American companies, rather than outsourcing them to China in the middle of Trump’s trade war, but that statement appears to conflict with the statements of Chinese factory owner Li Jiang, who says his factory is already churning out 100,000 Trump campaign flags a day.

“We also make flags for Trump for 2020,” Jiang said. “It seems like he has another campaign going on in 2020. Isn’t that right?”

There’s two things that could be going on here. The first possibility is that the Trump re-election campaign’s promise to only use “100% Made in the USA” merchandise was, as shocking as this possibility is, a fib. The other is that there’s some other entity out there who has been ordering 100,000 “Trump 2020” flags a day for their own purposes—possibly Charles Koch has ordered all Kansas streets be repaved with them or we’ll be serving them to schoolchildren as their daily allotted serving of vegetables.

One imagines we’ll soon find out.

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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

Because he’s a fucking liar and a scumbag who only wants to line his pocket on the American dime.