Ivanka Trump Gives $50,000 to a Church that Prayed God would “deliver us from evil” of Gay Marriage.

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The 50 grand is directed to the Church’s effort to proselytize  help detained children at the border, but how many groups could you have given to that only want to help, Ivanka?

The Advocate

“In light of her father’s cruel “zero tolerance” immigration policy that separated thousands of children from their families at the border, Ivanka Trump donated $50,000 to a Plano, Texas-based church that’s working to reunite those families.

But of all the charities Trump could have chosen to support in its efforts to help migrant families, she picked anti-LGBT Prestonwood Baptist Church, an evangelical ministry that labels same-sex attraction and anything other than traditional gender identity as “sexual identity confusion.” In 2015 the church’s pastor responded to the Supreme Court decision that led to national marriage equality with a call for God to “deliver us from evil.” (snip)

Graham’s church falls shy of implementing conversion therapy. But its website tells LGBT people, “Sexual health begins by understanding that our sex [male or female] is fixed in us at our creation and not a social construct or individual choice that is subject to alteration by the person created.”

To CBN, Graham praised Ivanka Trump and called for Americans to give up their politics and join together to help others.

“What if more Americans, whatever their politics, decided to take to heart the needs of others and do what they can to help? Countless lives would be transformed. Hopefully, Ivanka’s generosity will inspire many other Americans to get off the sidelines and actually provide tangible help to those in need,” said the pastor who railed against marriage equality in a fiery column.”

Gee, I don’t know, Jack, probably for the same reasons millions of Americans refuse to let you and your church define their sexuality for them?

Once again, by giving a big chunk of change to a whackadoodle ant–gay church sure to preach the Gospel of Don the Con to her father’s rabid evangelical base, Ivanka proves that she is allied with nothing other than her father’s political ambitions.

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The Time has Come
The Time has Come
She could not donate to St. Jude, the Red Cross, or a multitude of other non-profits that could put the money to help people who honestly need it? This is one more part of Trump’s plan to be a white racist dictator who who is working to make ‘hate’ a resource to recruit ignorant and desperate Americans looking for something to cling too. This is not too far from the evil powers of Germany & Japan in the 40’s. Except now Russia, the US, and N.Korea will hold the rest of the world hostage with nuclear weapons and controlling world… Read more »
Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

I don’t have to give money to my church to pray. I pray everyday, that God would free us from the Trump, which makes evil look like a picnic.