Michael Cohen hints he might flip on Trump: ‘I put family and country first’

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Michael Cohen sure sounds like a man ready to flip on Donald Trump—and one who thinks he has some things to say that matter beyond hush money to adult film actresses. Trump’s longtime personal lawyer spoke to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, telling him not just that “My wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always will,” but that “I put family and country first.” Family AND COUNTRY.

Cohen broke with Trump on both the Mueller investigation—“I don’t like the term witch hunt”—and Russian election interference:

“As an American, I repudiate Russia’s or any other foreign government’s attempt to interfere or meddle in our democratic process, and I would call on all Americans to do the same,” he said.

And in a direct rebuttal to President Trump, who sent out a tweet last week repeating Vladimir Putin’s claim that Russia did not interfere in our election, Cohen added this: “Simply accepting the denial of Mr. Putin is unsustainable.”

Cohen said he couldn’t comment on many topics due to the continuing investigation against him … and one of those topics was whether Donald Trump knew about his son’s Trump Tower meeting with Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

In short, things seem to be getting even more interesting on the Cohen front. Then again, Cohen also told Stephanopoulos that “I want to regain my name and my reputation and my life back,” which is kind of funny since his reputation was as Donald Trump’s dirtbag lawyer who liked to throw his weight around.

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The more light that is shone on this ugly, lying, and twisted Trump administration, the better it will be for all of us, in the long run for Cohen too.