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Since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brought the discussion of “socialism,” the single most frightening concept in the English language, somewhat back into the traditional media landscape, right-wingers have been losing their gun-loving minds. Newsmax, which is what happens when a fascist’s bagman names his dystopian news organization, is a right-wing online network with pundits like John Cardillo, who tried to rewrite Ocasio-Cortez’s story by lying about her upbringing and education. Ocasio-Cortez absolutely devastated this right-wing lightweight.

Ocasio-Cortez had a quick response.

Cardillo sat on his hurt butt for about 24 hours before coming back with this weak sauce. Ocasio-Cortez’s work done, the Twitter community decided to break down for Cardillo the difference between right-wing idiots who buy into Newsmax dumb, and everybody else with more than three brain cells to rub together.

Really, John? Let’s see how Twitter responded to one of the dumbest comebacks in the history of public argument.


John getting hit hard.

Yeah, John’s not very bright.

This one made me smile.

For more discussion, head on over to this diary about the inciting incident!

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