Constitutional Professor Laurence Tribe About Trump Picking His Own Jurist

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If you’re not following Harvard Professor Tribe on twitter, you’re missing some of the best legal analysis with hot sauce out there.  I will be pushing for the Democrats to restore legitimacy to this illegitimate Supreme Court by either impeaching judges who were not democratically installed on the court or won’t recuse themselves from Trump issues if they were put on the court by Trump, OR, by expanding the court to 11 justices in 2021 when we regain our democracy.  I’ve been using the hashtag #ExpandTheCourts2021 for some time now, but whatever you use, get the message out there that Democrats will not let fascism stand on the Supreme Court for decades to come.

Here are some tweets from professor Tribe.

RESIST!  And get ready to fight like you’ve never fought before to save our democracy from the Republican fascist attack.

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Now you’re talking! This does seem like a way out of the nightmare to descend, when (?) or if the Democrats do not get the Senate in November, and Trump’s SCOTUS nominee is appointed before that.