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Today, in a C-SPAN interview for his new book release, Malcolm Nance spells it out so clearly that even Trump should be able to get it.  As you probably already know, Malcolm Nance, worked in counterterrorism and intelligence (including having a background in Russian language), picking up some insights into how the KGB and FSB (and other intelligence agencies) recruit assets.

From what he describes, it’s clear Trump is an easy target. Nance paraphrases what a KGB agent told him about how they select a potential asset to recruit:

“The type of person we tried to recruit were self-absorbed narcissists who were insatiably greedy.  And these are the kind of people that you can manipulate. You massage their ego.”

(Sound like anyone we know?)

Then Nance goes on to describe in a little more detail the way an asset is manipulated.

The Russians carry out a psychological warfare technique called reflexive control.  And that’s where, if they’re interested in you and they think you can be an asset to them, they will use media, friends, money, or whatever tool they have necessary. They will build a framework around you of information and ideas that they have manufactured, that they think you are amenable to.  And they will essentially create a perception bubble around you so that when you make decisions, you will make a decision that will benefit them.

Nance also describes a moment where, to someone who understands this process, it seemed clear that Trump had been recruited and manipulated.

Donald Trump, in 2013, had a 2 hour meeting at a restaurant in Moscow… with the 12 richest oligarchs of Russia, including a personal representative of Vladimir Putin.  When he came out he was spouting the Kremlin party line …

If you’ve been wondering why Trump has been so pro-Russia, pro-Putin, and anti-NATO, the clip below leaves no doubt.  Trump was definitely turned, and it happened years ago.

As usual, Nance is clear-eyed and well-spoken (except for the moment where he gets a little choked up).  I recommend watching and listening if you enjoy watching Nance in all his brilliance.  (I do!)

If you enjoy a good read, Nance’s new book is The Plot To Destroy Democracy.

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  1. Yeah and he’s going to beg Putin to steal this election too when he meets with him. That’s why he disbanded the counterintelligence agency. Did not want to be traced or countered.

    • Traitors are often distrusted by the same people, like Putin, who created them, if not even more so.
      They are instruments targeting opposing armies and governments, that you rarely want to put back in your own toolbox.


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