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Judging from media coverage today, the most egregious transgression this weekend was Congresswoman Maxine Waters calling for cabinet members of this mal-administration to be made uncomfortable whenever and wherever they show their faces in public spaces. Ooh la la la! On-air personalities have never heard such incivility in their lives! Get the smelling salts…quickly!

But Auntie Maxine is not to be messed with.

She refused all invitations to appear before people who were just dying to play Perry Mason on TV and chose instead to grace Chris Hayes with her regal presence. See interview below. Please do watch until the very end so that you can enjoy the irrepressible, fearless warrior queen getting in some sharp jabs before making her exit. Haha! A thing of beauty.

Thank her:

(323) 757-8900

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She is undoubtedly getting flooded with the hate right now. Send her some love. And Nancy and Chuck: you’re not helping.

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  1. I don’t think Maxine Waters should have said what she did. Just because the Republicans act in a terrible, nasty manner does not warrant a Democrat to act the same way. I am disappointed in Ms. Waters in this particular case. We all must act in a civil way…and not copy the Republicans such as the president.

    • I think Maxine was right in what she said! The days for civility are OVER! Civility cost us the right to vote! We can no longer codify White privilege! It’s the sixties al over again!


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