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Calling Donald Trump a “hypocrite” is like calling Donald Trump a “racist,” or a “white supremacist,” or a “dirtbag,” or a “narcissist,” or a … you get the point. Never has such a stupid, stupid man embodied so many of humanity’s worst offenses against … humanity. After Sarah Huckabee Sanders was denied service by a goddamn hero at the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, Trump got on his phone and tweeted out this attack.

As many people online quickly reminded the orange stain, his scam-shack, the Mar-a-Lago was cited for 13 health code violations in January of last year.

Among the “high priority” problems described as “potentially hazardous” were faulty fridges with meats stored well above the required 41 degrees Fahrenheit. For example, in the restaurant’s walk-in cooler, the duck and beef were measured at 50 degrees, while a ham was at 57 degrees.

Other issues included smoked salmon being served without undergoing “proper parasite destruction” and a hand washing sink for employees with water that was not hot enough.

As the Daily Beast explains, Trump calling anyone’s establishment “filthy” is madness. Check out some of the other piles of rubbish Trump Hotel patrons get to eat at.

BLT Prime, the steakhouse at Trump’s D.C. hotel, had many of the same issues. It was also given a “moderate risk” rating in April, when inspectors recorded the same raw-meat storage issues as the hotel and a lack of signage in the kitchen instructing employees to wash their hands.

Even as inspectors were present, employees showed some fairly unsanitary handling of cookware. “An employee dropped an empty pan on the floor and then put it inside a refrigerator,” inspectors noted. “The pan was removed for cleaning upon request.”

The Red Hen, according to NBC News seems to have done just fine when it comes to health inspections.

Virginia’s Department of Health restaurant inspections are public records that are available online. In recent years, the Red Hen has passed its inspections with minor or no violations.

On Feb. 6, inspectors visiting Red Hen observed “good food/unit temperatures,” staff with “clean uniforms/aprons,” and an “excellent job on code-dating.” No follow-up was required, according to the report.

Every single accusation Trump makes is the lie of a third-grader. If he tells you he didn’t hit someone, you know exactly who he hit. If he tells you to trust how things look on the outside, versus the inside, you realize that the age-old aphorism don’t judge a book by its cover, will need to be revised to don’t trust a Trump.

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