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Protestors have been encamped at the Detroit/Mt. Elliott ICE Field Office (the Rosa Parks Federal Building, in a bitter irony) for the past two days. As of early this morning, all three entrances have been blocked. No ICE officers have been able to get inside.

The demands of the protestors include:

  • Closure of this facility
  • End to family separation
  • Reunification of families that have been separated
  • Reparations to those families who have been torn apart
  • Abolition of ICE
  • Prosecution of those who took part in these separations — acts of genocide

The citizen reporter providing this video, Eric Krawczak, observed that there have been lots of honks as people drive by. Police forces have been restrained so far, issuing only one order to dismiss.

Listen to the video for much more detail, with honks as the background soundtrack.

Folks are barricading the Mt Elliot ICE field office in Detroit off of E Jefferson. #OccupyICEDetroit

Posted by Eric Krawczak on Monday, June 25, 2018

The protestors invite others to join for solidarity and mutual support.

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  1. That’s perfect. Congress and Senate should be next. Of course those lazy SOB don’t work any way, just go in and figure out how they please Donald Duck.

    • I understand the frustrations of theses trying times, but please don’t insult Donald Duck. Maybe…um I’m sorry, I can’t think of ANY cartoon character worse then him.


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